1.Cosmetic Absorption Induction Machine (CLIKINS)

Skin care roller, Skin care roller for face, Micro needle roller for face

We have developed beauty equipment for cosmetics 10 years ago and have supplied it to domestic and overseas OEMs. We have developed our own brand (CLIKINS) for 3 years and supply it to domestic and overseas markets.

What is a skin care roller?

Recently, there is an increasing number of people suffering from skin troubles regardless of age, due to environmental pollution such as fine dust increase and air pollution. As a result, we have developed skin care rollers that anyone can use at home at an affordable price.

Why should I use a skin care roller?

Even in the case of good cosmetics, the skin absorption rate is only about 10%. It’s because the rest flies or disappears into the air. Therefore, it is considered that the actual effect is insignificant, so a certain amount of irritation to the skin is required to increase absorption of effective cosmetic ingredients. By giving these stimuli to your skin, you can increase the absorption rate to about 80%.

How do skin care roller works?

Clinkins skin care rollers have 540 fine needles inside the product. These needles stimulate the skin surface dozens to hundreds of times, increasing the absorption of cosmetics. In addition, this process removes wrinkles through skin regeneration (collagen production) action, whitening (depending on cosmetics), and makes skin elastic and lustrous.


2.MTS(Micro-needle Therapy System)

(Multi-functional machine which helps semi-permanent makeup and cosmetic absorption)

In general, MTS (Micro-needle Therapy System) is sold separately as a dedicated device for semi-permanent make-up and as an MTS device for skincare. However, Clkins’ MTS has a feature that can be combined with semi-permanent makeup and skin care. This product has been sold well in the beauty shop, and we have been supplying this product to the worldwide leading company (Dermapen) for many years as an OEM.

What is CLIKINS Micro-needle Therapy System (MTS)?

Our products have been made to apply semi-permanent make-up to the skin with fine needle by applying the advanced technology which is made exquisitely. This helps to make semi-permanent make-up with a simple touch on eyes, eyebrows and lips.

In addition, our MTS has a feature that can improve the skin improvement and trouble through the constant vibration moving up and down. This is a function that can get the effect of absorbing cosmetics, depending on how the skin can be used while changing the fine needle.

Particularly, Roller & Stamp which is generally used has a disadvantage that the user can not have constant effect because of different power control, while using MTS, skin care can achieve a uniform and uniform effect on the desired region.

How does the Micro-needle Therapy System (MTS) work?

Our MTS is designed to stimulate the skin evenly and evenly using up and down vibrations. In addition, according to the purpose of semi-permanent make-up mode and skin condition, you can use the skin care mode while changing the needle.