Fine acupuncture device(MTS)

[Product feature]

Attachment/detachment of 2 kinds of needles depending on use purposes

The existing MTS products enable attachment/detachment of only one kind of needle depending on use purposes. However, our products enable attachment/detachment of tattoo needles and skin beauty needles as well, depending on uses.

Use of the 20um needle

Our competitors manufacture products using a 25~30um thick needle that causes much pain during a surgical procedure. However, our products use 20um thick needles that cause almost no pain during a surgical procedure.

Refined and convenient design to use

Our products are designed to be refined and convenient to use by aiming at women, our major customers. It is possible for anyone to use them without repulsion.


Our products are designed to be light in weight and small in size, making them convenient to carry

Fine acupuncture device(MTS)