Micro-needle Therapy System (MTS)

Vibration Roller

Roller fitted with 540 micro needles which is designed for home use; has 5 types LED for skin relax. Each type of LED has its own function.

Smart roller

Vibration roller with upgraded design. New design with plug-in cartridge allows to use special ampoules containing adenosine, niacin and natural nano-cellulose that ensures 10 times moisture than hyaluronic acid.

Clikins Toning Stamp

Microcurrent 650nm wavelength, 8000v vibration skin care and absorption MTS Toning Stamp device.

Just 6 Day Kit

CLIKINS Just 6 Days is a set of skin care products that consists of Smart Roller (540 micro-needle), Ampoule, SWAB, Repair Cream and Nanocell Mask Pack.