Meso roller type MTS

[Product feature]

Attachment/detachment of roller type needles

Our meso roller type MTS is designed such that the roller part with needles can be detached/attached. This makes our product highly hygienic, and prevents infection by needles by replacing the used rollers.

Drug delivery as soon as a surgical procedure

The existing MTS models perform a surgical procedure after applying a drug to the skin. This has the disadvantage that volatile drugs partly evaporate and thus the absorption rate of drugs reduces. However, our meso roller type MTS is furnished with a motor to enable simultaneous drug delivery during a surgical procedure to have a high absorption rate of drugs.

Use of 20um needles

Our competitors manufacture products using a 25~30um needle that causes pains during a surgical procedure. However, our products use a 20um needle that causes almost no pain during a surgical procedure.

Refined and convenient design to use

Our products are designed in a fish bone shape to properly emit the heat generated during the use of products. In addition, our products have a groove into which the relatively slimmer female fingers can be inserted. This way, even women with small hands canuse them conveniently.

Meso roller type MTS Meso roller type MTS