Cooling&heating vibration massager

[Product feature]

Wide range of use

Lipstick and large round shape products are suitable for use in all parts of the body.

Easy portability

The weight of the product is light, so it’s easy for women to carry.

Simple and stylish design

Stylish product designed with curve and a variety of colors.

Cold/Hot message product

Since Peltier Module was used to produce, both cold and hot message are available with just one product

Used LED, vibration, micro current

By utilizing LED, there are different effects depending on the colors of LED, by utilizing vibrating message and micro current, they can promote blood circulation and increase drug absorption rate.

Direct use by buyer

Unlike the existing skin care equipment, it was designed ergonomically so buyer can easily operate.
This product is currently under development

Hot and cool vibration massager Hot and cool vibration massager