ACADEMY (Training course)



CLIKINS Academy program

# 3days / 7days(Premier) training course
a) Orientation
b) Explanation of semi-permanent make up.
* Necessity and cosmetic procedure of semi-permanent make up.
* All kinds of semi-permanent make up.
c) How to use sanitary fixture & equipment
d) Theory of skin and color tone
e) Technique of semi-permanent make up
* How to use MTS machine
* By hand
* Others
f) Practice
* Eye brow practice (Explanation of design)
  (round, angular, straight etc)
* MTS practice (eyebrow make up, gradation)
* EMBO practice (3D /4D)
* Cosmetic procedure for actual model
  (Check point of material preparation)
* Progress before cosmetic procedure
  (Precaution before and after cosmetic procedure)
g) Actual practice
* Individual actual practice for nominated area
* Detail correction of right posture
* Trainer’s final correction of model
h) Certificate
* Grant a degree (Certificate) issued by Korea cosmetic institute





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