[Product feature]

Good permeation through the skin

Needles in a similar type to an injection needle are used to enable drugs to permeate through the skin well.

Use of sterilized disposable needle cartridges and drug storage containers

The sterilized disposable needles are packed in a cartridge to ensure the hygiene of the needles, and a drug container is installed in the product to enable simultaneous drug delivery during a surgical procedure.

Zero worry of infection during the use of the product

These needles are disposable, sterilized and packed safely in a cartridge to remove the worry of various infections including AIDS.

Short treatment time and low pain

A needle is very small, at 0.3mm thick and 0.2mm long, to lessen the pains during the surgical procedure and to ensure that the administered drug permeates well through the skin to reduce the treatment time.

Simple and convenient design to use

Our products are designed to be simple and easy to hold in one hand, for women to use them conveniently.

Usable directly by the buyers

Our products are designed to be convenient to use so that, unlike the existing MTS products, they remove the necessity for receiving treatment from an expert by visiting a skin care room or dermatologist.